BronyCAN 2014

October 2013

A complete revamp of the BronyCAN site for 2014, serving as the gateway for attendees.

JavaScript, HTML5, CSS3, WordPress, Tumblr API, Bootstrap, Foundation, and Git

When BronyCAN unveiled their new theme for the 2014 convention, they needed a brand new website to go along with it, to replace the manually update HTML files (!) that were in place before. Developed over the course of about 3 months on and off between school, the site was officially launched in early January of 2014.

Powered by WordPress, with a custom theme based on a heavily customized version of Bootstrap, this site serves as the gateway for attendees to find out more about the convention, purchase tickets, and book hotel rooms. It’s fully responsive, and has a custom built “Comic” page, which allows readers to view the comic series posted on the Ask BronyCAN Tumblr in an easy to use viewer, based on their screen size.

Additionally, as part of the IT team in the BronyCAN staff, I helped with pre-con and at-con IT services. Before the con, I helped with the provisioning of the terminals that were then used for registration, running Lubuntu 14.04. In addition, at the convention, I helped to set up the registration clients and network, as well as developing a page to be used at-con for collecting emails to inform attendees when pre-registration would open up.

Next Project


A simple, powerful dice roller for Windows Phone.