October 2016

Making the web comprehensible. Winner for Best Use for RapidAPI at DubHacks 2016.

JavaScript, Chrome, Microsoft Cognitive Services, Clarifai, Python, Flask, Amazon Web Services, and GitHub

cmpr is a browser extension that makes any webpage more accessible to those who may have difficulty reading standard text. First, it colours the text on webpages based on different parts of speech. Nouns, verbs, and adjectives are all colored differently, making it easier to comprehend the sentence as a user is reading it. Then, cmpr captions all of the images on a page with tags and a description to make pictures and drawings accessible. The extension also summarizes text on a webpage into a few easy-to-read sentences. We believe that by having a user read a summary prior to reading a webpage, they’re more likely to comprehend it. Finally, all the text on the page can be read aloud to the user at the click of a button.

I primarily worked on the front end Chrome extension, data collection, graphing, and design.

Developed with Kevin Zhang and Shikib Mehri at DubHacks 2016.

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Full stack web development at Yelp in San Francisco.

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Mobile and desktop development at the Garage Internship Vancouver.