October 2015

Watch better together. 2nd place winner for Best Overall Use of Microsoft Tech at DubHacks 2015.

JavaScript, Node.js, Socket.IO, jQuery, Microsoft Azure, and GitHub

Developed in 24 hours at DubHacks 2015 and winner of 2nd place for Best Overall Use of Microsoft Tech at DubHacks, lets you watch YouTube videos simultaneously in-sync with others across the world. You can submit videos to the queue to watch, decide what to watch next by voting on the videos in the queue, and chat anonymously about the video you’re watching with others. keeps everyone in sync, watching the same videos so you can discuss and react as if you’re right next to each other on the couch. You can also create your own room so that you can watch with only people you know or just for certain topics.

I was responsible for implementing the back-end real-time server, which was written in Node.js, using Socket.IO and Express, which handles syncing video playback, managing the video queue, votes, chat messages and rooms. I also handled deployment of the app to Microsoft Azure, as well as some minor UI adjustments.

Developed with Mike Park, Richard Ding, Sailesh Suri and William Qi.

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Mobile and desktop development at the Garage Internship Vancouver.

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Co-op position at one of the largest semiconductor companies in the world.